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Ellora Caves

Ellora is one of the largest rock-cut monastery-temple caves complexes  in the world, and a  UNESCO World Heritage Site in Maharashtra,  India. The site presents monuments and  artwork of Buddhism,  Hinduism and Jainism from the 600-1000 CE period. Cave 16 of  Ellora  features the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world, the  Kailasha  temple, a chariot shaped monument dedicated to Shiva. The  Kailasha temple excavation  also presents the gods, goddesses and  mythologies found in Vaishnavism, Shaktism and  relief panels      summarizing the two major Hindu Epics.



Ellora CavesThe site features over 100 caves, of which 34 caves are open to public. These were excavated  out of the vertical basalt cliff in theCharanandrihills. These consist of 12 Buddhist (caves  1–12), 17 Hindu (caves 13–29) and 5 Jain (caves 30–34) caves. Each

ellora caves

group presents the respective deities and mythologies prevalent in 1st millennium CE, as well as the monasteries of that religion. They were built in proximity and illustrate the religious harmony prevalent in ancient India. All Ellora monuments were built by Hindu dynasties, such as the Rashtrakuta dynasty who built some of the Hindu & Buddhist group of caves, and Yadav dynasty who built some of the Jain group of caves.




Ellora Caves

Ellora was an important historic commercial center of the Deccan region, located on an      ancient trade route of South Asia. The caves served as monasteries for monks, temples for    prayers and a place for pilgrims to rest, but now is an archaeological site. It is 29 kilometres   (18 miles) north-west of the city of Aurangabad, and about 300 kilometres (190 miles) east-   northeast from Mumbai. Ellora Caves, along with the nearby Ajanta Caves, form one of the    major tourist attractions in Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Ellora is a protected    monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.


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